Sunday, December 27, 2009

More pictures of Christmas!

After the kids saw their Santa presents, we Skyped with Papa Bob, Aunt Mooie and Uncle Doug. We let the kids start opening gifts so they could watch. We had to keep stopping to clean up so they had room to open more. They definitely had TOO MUCH for Christmas. We are so blessed to have so many people who love our kids! Material things are not necessary but it symbolizes to me just how blessed we are!



Time for Breakfast…. Blueberry pancakes with Christmas sprinkles and whipped cream!



Mom, Dad, Bryan, Lori, Janet, Cameron, Warren, Jovan, Jave and Jaylin came over for tacos on Christmas afternoon. The last three are boys my sister has spent lots of time with for the past 9 years or so. She works at a school in Over the Rhine and they go to the school. She has sort of adopted them as hers and pretty much parents them, making sure they get their school work done, stay healthy etc. They have been with us on Christmas for the past few years.







I made my first piece of clothing on my own from start to finish for my Mom. I made her a pair of jammie bottoms and an appliqued shirt to go with them.



We had a fun and FULL day. There are toys EVERYWHERE! TOday will be a day of organizing and rearranging! Last night I trued to get a picture of the kids in their other matching Christmas jammies.



We let the kids watch a new movie in their room at bedtime. They were still in there making a bunch of noise and this is what we found…


The horses were “sick” according to Caroline! We had to turn the movie off after about an hour because they were still awake! They FINALLY settled down and went to sleep about 10pm after going to bed at 7:30pm! Hope they get back on schedule soon. We had a great few days and still have 2 more celebrations to go!

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