Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cheesecake Bites

I am using an old post to jump in the mcklinky blog party. This recipe is YUMMY!!

My boss' birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to make her a cake or something. I was going to try out Bakerella's cake pops and saw cheesecake pops on her blog. I decided to give them a try. I used premade cheesecake filling though.
I just scooped it out with a mini ice cream scoop (it's actually marketed as a cookie scoop). It helps if you put the filling in the freezer for a little bit so it doesn't stick to the scoop as bad. This filling is way softer than a regular cheesecake would be. I decided not to do "pops" because they were so soft I don't think they would stay on the stick.I almost forgot this step. While the cheesecake balls were in the freezer to harden a little, I crushed up some graham crackers in the food processor.

I then rolled the balls in the graham cracker crumbs.

I put them back in the freezer for a little bit. While they were in the freezer I melted the chocolate coating (found in the baking aisle at Wal-Mart, nothin fancy!) in the microwave in a glass dish. I used two spoons to get the chocolate on the balls. This was the worst part and a little bit of trial and error! I just put the ball on one spoon that had some chocolate on it. Then I spooned chocolate over the top (all done over the glass dish). I jiggled the spoon a little to get rid of the excess. Dumped it out onto the parchment paper. Some of them had a little spot where there was no chocolate after coming off the spoon so I just drizzled more chocolate over them.

The coating dries hard and the inside is soft and YUMM-O! Mark LOVED them!!

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day Away

Mamaw Lisa took Caroline and Grayson to Delaware to visit with my sister Lori and her family. They are coming into town from Oklahoma. My cousin Benjamin is also graduating from high school today so they will get to be there for that too. I really wanted to go but couldn't take off work again so soon after maternity leave. We are enjoying some time with just our baby! Yesterday was a gorgeous day so we went to Waynesville to walk around. We love it there but it is not toddler friendly so we don't go very often. We enjoyed lunch at the Hammel House Inn. It is a bed and breakfast and restaurant. We got to eat outside on their porch. It was so nice outside it was great to enjoy the weather and people watch while we ate!

We shopped for about 2 hours just looking at all the beautiful antiques and furniture! So many of the stores also have the neatest gifts and decorations. We got the cutest 4th of July firecracker and a little surprise for Mamaw Lisa. We then stopped for a treat!

Yum, Chocolate with Buttercream for me and Banana with Caramel for Mark!

Everyone loved our little man and he was an angel all day. It was so fun to be outside on a beautiful day and get to spend some time getting to know our newest little man a little better!

Memorial Day and Blurry Backgrounds

Mark's Dad came into town for Memorial Day Weekend and we went to the Indy 500 (See below). We had a great time at the race. On Memorial Day we went to eat at Young's Jersey Dairy farm. We fed the goats and saw the cows.

Apparently Grayson tried to climb in the duck pen as evidenced by this photo taken while I was feeding Grant. Momma wouldn't have let him climb up there, Dad just takes pictures ;)

They were having a little carnival there and had some little kiddie rides. The kids went on a few and had a blast.
And now the blurry background part of the post..... I got a new camera for my birthday and have been wanting to take some pictures with "blurry backgrounds" like Mckmama. I followed her tips and I think I got some good shots.
Love this picture!

We had a great weekend and enjoyed Papaw Dennis' visit!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The boys' nursery

I am joining the party over at Kelly's Korner and showing off the boys' nursery. We painted this room for Grayson but decided to keep it the same for Grant. I did make some letters to personalize it for Grant but they haven't made their way up on the wall yet! Terrible!! Anyway some of you long distance friends and family haven't seen their room anyway so here ya go.......

Mark painted this barn and Johnny tractor for Grayson. Notice the TONS of toy tractors all over the place! All Mark's, on loan to his boys!

The barn says Grayson Farms on it.

Mark and Papaw Harold made this bookshelf.

The giant tractor was supposed to be removable...NOT! The crib is currently on this wall as we have rearranged a little now that Grant is in this room. Grant's name should be on this wall over his crib but the giant tractor is in the way and we don't want to repaint, thus the reason they are not on the wall yet!

This is Grant's closet...look at all the blue :)
Here is how the room currently is for Grant. We had borrowed Grayson's crib and need to return it to my wonderful friend Joan. We moved the dresser from Caroline's room into Grant's room.

Here is the new crib and that giant tractor that is in the way!
Hope you enjoyed the little nursery tour! You can see pictures of Caroline and Grayson's room here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Indy 500

I had so much fun at the Indy 500 yesterday! I didn't think I would but I did! I wanted Danica Patrick to win. She came in 3rd so not too bad. Enjoy the pictures....

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Ladies and Gentleman, step right up to the Greatest Show on Earth......The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus! That's where we spent our Saturday night! Caroline is in Florida this weekend at a wedding with Mama Lisa, so we decided to take Grayson to the circus. We had a great time! We stopped at Cracker Barrel and ate first. Grayson was not happy with having to wait for his food, as usual.

It did help that Grant was passed out and so Mommy and Daddy could both focus all attention on Grayson since sissy wasn't there either!
My boys looked so cute in matching clothes! We were on the way to the car after taking this to change diapers. Grant ended up in a new outfit after the HUGE blowout he had!

We finally arrived at the circus!

Not sure why I have such an irritated face here?

Grayson picked out a little elephant as a souvenir. He was trying to "walk" it by it's tag.

Grant slept through about the first 15 minutes and then was awake the rest of the time! He loved looking at all the lights!

Gotta have a treat....a $6 ice cream and a $9 lemonade....RIDICULOUS!!

We all had a great time. It was a late night and we ended up leaving a little early. Grayson was getting tired and antsy around 9:30. Sadly, we missed my favorite part...the elephants but oh well, maybe next time!