Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mama Sue

On October 27 my maternal grandmother passed away. I have so many wonderful memories of her. We lived close to her my whole life and her house was one of my favorite places to be. She used to do fun things with us like making dough out of flour and water to sculpt all sorts of things. She would let us give our dolls a bath on her front porch with a little bowl of water and a cut up sponge. When we would play dress up with her hats and scarves (and sometimes wigs,which I used to call mugs??) she would say to us “Hooray for Hollywood”. I remember sitting in church and having to sit still so I would play with her wedding rings and her jewelry. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. We always went to Mamaw’s house and had spaghetti and then went trick or treating in her neighborhood. She had 5 children and my grandpa was in the Air Force. They were away from all their family, her mother died when she was 19. She had her first child at 18 and did not have a driver's license until she was in her late 20's. I can't imagine being on my OWN with my kids with my husband gone and unable to drive!! She was so classy in the way she dressed and was a self taught decorator. She liked to paint ( I have a painting of a basket of daisies she did in my bathroom). When I have a bad day with the kids I remind myself of all I have that she didn't and I know I can do it! I miss her smell, her hands, her elegance,her voice saying “Hi, Jenn” like she was so glad to see me. Her funeral was on Halloween and it was really fitting because she loved Halloween and it was one of our favorite memories of her. Here just a few pictures I had on my computer of her. I haven’t taken many pictures of her in the last few years because she hasn’t felt well and didn’t look well. I am so glad my kids got to meet her and know her a little bit. I only hope they remember her a little as they grow.


May 28 Mamaw Sue and Caroline


June 11 four generations


May 29 Mamaw Sue kissin Caroline 2

May 28 Mamaw Sue and Caroline in mirror

Here are both of my grandmothers together at my Mom’s 50th birthday. I am so glad I have had both of my grandmother’s and have so many happy memories!!


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