Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tennessee Part 1

In June we went to Tennessee to celebrate my Dad (Step-dad) turning 60! My whole family was together and it was a blast! The kids were so happy to get to play together. We visited the Ripley’s aquarium in Gatlingurg. The kids loved it! Picture Alert……there are a bunch coming your way!


Playtime with Papaw!!

We took a trolley to the Aquarium and it was the Trolley ride that Never ended……well, it eventually did but I bet we were on it for an hour or more and had 2 stops…..we were not well informed about the length of the ride! The kids all did really well though for such a long ride.





We FINALLY arrived at the aquarium and the kids had a blast! They had a long walk through tunnel with fish and sharks all around you, it was really neat.




They also had little mini aquariums with a tunnel in the center so you could put your head up through and see from the inside.




The little boy who got out before our boys went in had a little gas issue and this is the reaction we got……


ok as I am posting I am cracking up at that picture!!!

I was able to get some pretty neat pictures of some of the fish in these little aquariums







Whew……If your still with me….that is A lot of pictures! We also visited the upside down children’s museum and did lots of swimming! More to come…….

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Caroline's first Day of school

Caroline had a BIG milestone last month! She started school on August 29,2011. We are doing a homeschool curriculum that is technically an online "public" school. It is called the Ohio Virtual Academy. They use K12 curriculum. We are liking it so far. She is very glad to not have to leave home everyday and we love having her here. Her brothers wouldn't know what to do without her! I am making it work so far with all the other little ones at home. We will see what the future holds as far as homeschooling in the future but for this year it's working for us. Caroline is such a sweet girl. She is pretty quiet and shy around others but will talk your ear off at home. She LOVES Barbies. She likes to set up her little Disney princesses, her littlest pet shops and her Little People princesses. She likes to draw and color is so anxious to read and write. She loves church and is in Sparks in AWANA this year. I love my girl to the moon and back and can't believe she is already in kindergarten. Here is my princess on the first day of school......
To celebrate her big day we all went out for dinner at IHOP

Back in the Saddle Again

Wow, another VERY long blogging break :( I never intend to stay away from just happens. I love blogging so that I can keep a visual scrapbook of our life. My kiddos keep me so busy I feel like I never have time to record memories or to "scrapbook" the way I want to. I will probably post some old posts with pictures about trips etc. from the last year for my own "record keeping". So to start back on this blogging journey let's start with the newest addition to the family......I haven't even introduced him on here yet!

This sweet thing is almost 7 months old :( He is growing WAY too fast!! He weighed 14 lbs 8 oz at his 6 month check up, 8th percentile. He has always been a little guy....He'll probably be the biggest when they are all grown! Here is in the same outfit (smaller size ;) in the hospital
SO......expect to see lots of catching up posts! Glad to be back in the blogging world!