Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Craft Day Continued

One of  the other crafts we made on craft day came from an ornament that my sister and I made as kids. Our church had “Deck the Halls” every year and kids and adults would get together to make ornaments. We made an ice cream sundae out of communion cups. Here was our version:

You Need: communion cups (available at christian book stores”

                        Batting (or you could use little pom-poms in Neopolitan colors)

                              Straws  (cut in thirds)

                              Red small pom poms for the “cherry top”



Put a little glue on the edge of the communion cup and stick the straw in.


Fill the cup with batting or you could use large pom poms in pink,brown or white for chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream. We had batting on hand so we just used that.


Glue on the “cherry top”


The ones we made as kids had the colored pom-poms and were really cute too……

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