Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Daddy in the World

I am lucky that my children have such a wonderful Daddy. Mark is so good about playing with them, wrestling and roughing them up, taking them places with just Daddy. Grayson and Caroline both love going to JD equipment with Daddy! He laughs and tickles and plays with them. Reads books to them and even plays teaparty or dolls with Caroline! Mark- you are a great Dad and I am so glad we get to have this experience of raising our beautiful children together!! Happy Father's Day!

Mark and Caroline

Mark and Grayson

Mark and Grant

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Look alikes?


Resemblance, Hmmmmm??

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer fun

We have been very busy lately and I have not been very good at updating! We had a Home stager come give us advice on some things we could do to help sell the house. Good news is pictures will be on the blog when we finish (sometime in the next week or two). Bad news is it has taken up most of my time. We did go to the Waterpark for the first time last weekend. The kids had lots of fun with Aunt Janet. We got ice cream and played in the water.

Grant slept most of the time. The water was a little too cold to let him try and get in.

Love this picture!

We went shopping most of the day on Friday. We hit up Ikea and Garden Ridge and got lots of coming! We met Mom and Dad for dinner at IHOP then hit DQ. I love this picture of Grant. The sky looks so neat!

Hmmm.....his Mamaw says he is ready for cereal but I am not sure yet. From the looks of this picture he wants to move right on to the good stuff!

I will update with pics of the home staging very soon! In the meantime enjoy the pics of th
e kiddos....Ma, told ya Grant was getting so big and changing fast!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Do's

Caroline has been terrible about letting us fix her hair. She has GOBS of hair bows and headbands but usually won't wear them. I decided to get her hair cut so it didn't look so shaggy all the time. Well the last few weeks she has been letting us fix her hair so then I was second guessing the decision. Last week we just went ahead and did it! I took her to the "big girl" salon to get her haircut this time. We usually go to a place just for kids. She did so good, even letting them shampoo her hair! She had a lot of fun with just Mommy that day! We went to Wal-mart after we were done. I think her hair looks so cute. She isn't a baby anymore....she is getting too big, too fast!!

Grayson also got to go to the "big boy" barber with Daddy a few weeks ago. He wasn't as thrilled as Caroline (as evidenced by the look on his face :)

My babies are growing up!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Love Summer

I am joining in Darlene's "I Love Summer Party" over at Our Creative Life today. So....Why do I love summer....THE BEACH!! It is the #1 thing I miss most about Delaware (besides my family). We usually spend a week at Bethany Beach every summer. This year we won't be doing our week long beach vacation due to the economy and Dad's job loss. We are going to Delaware in August though and will spend a day or two at the beach. So here ya go...Why I Love summer!

Playing in the Sand!!

Did I really post a picture of me in my maternity bathing suit?

Well, here I am in pre-baby skinny days....makes up for the above picture :)

Funland Rides in Rehoboth...the same boats I rode as a child!

Grotto Pizza!!!!
Ice Cream

And of course.....Crabs Another pre-baby, actually pre- wedding picture. Oh to be so young, thin and tan again!

So that's why I love summer. Our summer here in the midwest is great but very different. I look forward to going to my homestate every year because summer is just more fun on the East Coast!