Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hate Speech against Christians

I am fired up this morning. I read an article from a friend's facebook post about an "anti-bullying" speech that turned into bullying against Christians. I am so tired of everyone in this country being able to say any hateful thing they want about Christians, their beliefs and the Bible. If anyone makes any "negative" comments about the Koran or Muslims especially but also about many other belief systems they are made out to be a bigot. As a christian I believe we are called to love others and be kind but that does NOT mean we have to agree with their beliefs. Just because I believe homosexuality is not right doesn't give me the right to be unkind or hateful towards anyone who disagrees. I think Islam is anything but a peaceful religion and am sad for the millions of women who are oppressed under the fundamentalists who believe in it. I do NOT however have the right to publicly curse and call these people among others names or insinuate anyone should be unkind to them. The author of this speech is just one example of many people in the media and other places that feel free to call Christian and conservatives names, to insinuated we are uneducated and can't think for ourselves. If Hollywood came up with a show titled "GMB" Good Muslim Bitches instead of "GCB" the ABC series standing for Good Christian Bitches, there would be all kinds of outrage! Look at the outrage caused by the burning of the Koran. Would we see that for the burning of the Bible. I am sure not. Just because Christians stand for a moral code that may be different than your own does not give others the right to say hateful mean things. We do live in a country of free speech and that means that if a christian wants to say that homosexuality is wrong they have as much right as Mr.Savage does to say what he said about Christians. The problem is that when Christians exercise their right they are criticized to no end while others are just "expressing their views". It just really bothers me that this man would make this speech in the context of "Anti-bullying" to high school students and he was indeed bullying many of them. It is the epitome of the culture we live in. Enough of my rant for today but I think we all need to stand up and stop taking what everyone throws at us as Christians!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Boyd's 1st bday

I know it has been FOREVER since I posted! I have good intentions but it just doesn't happen :) These are pictures from Boyd's 1st Birthday and Grant's 3rd Birthday. We had a joint party and we all had lots of fun. I am attempting to upload these pictures or a link from Picasa. I have never done it this way, so let's hope it works!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ice Cream in a baggie

So I saw THIS idea on Pinterest for making ice cream in a baggie and decided to try it this morning. The kids loved it and it actually tasted pretty good. Grayson asked if we could do this at his party.....I'll have to think about that....