Monday, March 30, 2009

Boonshoft Museum

Well, Grant decided to allow me to put him down while he is sleeping, so I was able to finish posting pictures!! Here is our day at the Boonshoft museum. It is a children's museum in Dayton. The kids had so much fun! Grayson was asleep before we left the parking lot.

Young's Dairy Farm

Last week we went to Young's Dairy Farm for the first time this year. The kids love petting the animals. There were lots of babies this time. Grant enjoyed seeing the cows from his cozy sling! Grayson was not feeling well and got even worse that night. We have been busy getting him better and getting ready for Mark to go back to work. He started an investigation class at the academy today. It was our first day without Dad. I had it easy though cause Mamaw Lisa came over to get C &G. They are staying the night with her. I have wanted to post these pics but haven't had time. I have other pics from our day at the children"s museum to post too.....we"ll see when I have time for that!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Please pray for this little baby. I have been following his amazing story for awhile now. He is currently very sick and in need of lots of prayer. You can click on the picture to go to the website for his mama's blog.

Prayers for Stellan

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Pickle Noodle

We have been very busy with "life". I haven't gotten to hardly be on the computer let alone upload pictures! We have been slackling on taking pictures the last few days. We went to Alice's house and had a photo shoot last Wednesday so I will post those pictures soon! Caroline has nicknamed Baby Grant "pickle","noodle" or "pickle noodle". She talks to him in baby talk and wants to hold and love on him. She is really sweet with him. Grayson just calls him "my baby brother". He loves to kiss him and lay with him! Here are som pics of our little pickle noodle!
Caroline and Grayson have such a hard time taking a nap on Sundays for some reason. Yesterday was no exception. No nap for either of them despite almost 2 hours of trying! Grayson was unbearable! Mark took Caroline to church and the boys and I stayed home. Grayson was asleep on the couch about 10 min. after they left. Grant was so fussy yesterday! He just wanted to eat or be held. I just sat on the couch with my baby boys and snuggled! As tiresome (is that a word?) as this life is right now, I don't want them to grow up!

We have discovered that in order for mommy to get anything done he needs to hang out in the sling mamaw Lisa made him!

Our little Pickle Noodle

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank You

This is the Thank you I made with the new digital baby boy kit from Creative Memories.
Thank you to all our family and friends for all the prayers,well wishes and gifts!! We are truly blessed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Artists

Well, we have been laying pretty low around here. I decided to let the kids use their paints to entertain them for a little while. They had fun, but what a mess!

Whoa, check out those hands!! Grayson loved smearing the paint EVERYWHERE and then smacking his hands down on the paper to make handprints.

Here is the post painting mess...AHHH! It cleans up easily though!

These squeezable pains are great!!!

And here is how to easily clean up the kids! They love getting in our "big" tub!

Now it's playtime on the floor! Caroline and Grayson Love their baby brother!!

AWWW, Brothers....

We are still getting adjusted to being a family of 5 but it is fun! Grant is sleeping a little better (about 3 hrs at a time) at night. The kids are getting adjusted. We have had some minor bumps (vaseline on the train table, crayon on the fireplace and walls, Bubbles spilled in Caroline's bed) but nothing we can't handle!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweet Boy

Here are a few new pics. We have been busy the last few days. Satyrday we had a relaxing day at home. We went to church on Sunday. Grant did great for his first time in church. We had to go to the DR today for a wt. check. He was 6lbs 8oz. He is 1 oz past birth wt. He is growing too fast already! We gave him a bath last night, it was technically his 2nd bath but we forgot to put the memory card back in the camera and didn't get pics of the first one. He is so cute and alert when he wants to be. The kids still look for him as soon as they wake up and say "where's my baby?"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

30th Birthday and 1st DR visit

Well, yesterday we celebrated my 30th Bday. Grant had his first Doctor's appt. yesterday so we started the day by going there. They said he is doing well. He weighed 6.2 lbs. He was 6.4 when we left the hospital. We have to go back Monday for a Wt. check. He was in the 10th percentile for wt and 12th for ht. He is tiny! He hadn't gone poop since we left the hospital so they were a little worried and he was starting to get jaundice so they sent us to have a bilirubin drawn. He also had some problems with his circumcision bleeding a lot in the hospital. The pediatrician took off the gauze wrap and it looks better! It still looks so sore though. We have to keep putting the vaseline gauze on it for a little while. Keep praying it heals fast. After the Dr and going to get the labs drawn we ate at chik-fil-a. We then headed to Babies-R-Us for a few things we needed and stopped at Target. Grant finally pooped while we were at Target....what a mess! Then we headed to Mom and Dad's for dinner. I requested cube steak and green beans with Chocolate sauce and cupcakes for dessert. The kids had picked out a chocolate cake for me too. YUMMY! You can see in the pictures what a mess Grayson made with the cake. It was a long but fun day. I wasn't feeling very good yesterday. Very tired and achy but I feel a lot better this morning. That could be due to the great night we had with Grant. Mom and Dad kept Caroline and Grayson. Grant ate at 10:00, 1:00 and 5:00. We slept in until almost 9am and it was great!! He is so sweet and sleeping better now! Here are some pics from our big day!