Friday, December 18, 2009

A visit with Santa

Mark’s old post had a  Christmas party this week. They had Santa come and visit and hand out a gift to each of the kids. Caroline was 11 months old her first Christmas and HATED Santa as she has every year since. We have never gotten a good Santa picture. As a matter of fact last year Santa had to leave her gifts on the porch because she didn’t want him coming in to her house! Well, this year she was scared of Santa until he handed me her gift. She saw Grayson go up and decided maybe he wasn’t all that bad. She eventually even hugged him! Breakthrough for her!! Here are some pictures of our evening.



Daddy had to go with her and about drag her at first.


Grant’s turn…..Who’s this guy?


Now it’s Grayson’s turn….Check out Caroline eating her shirt sleeve….her new nervous habit.



Caroline decides to have a little chat with Santa…


And finally….a HUG!!


and the best I could get of all 3 of them….not great but that’s what happens with 3 kids and Santa!


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