Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Mark and  I spent Christmas Eve watching “The Help” and putting together this doll house for C. My grandma (Hi Ma) got this for her. It took a while and it is BIG, but she loves it! We set out all the Santa goods and hit the sack about midnight!


Boyd and Grant’s loot.

 IMGP8254 IMGP8255

Grayson’s Playmobil police station.



Caroline’s leappad


Grant was the first one awake at about 6:30….He didn’t quite know what to do.



C and G were up pretty soon after……Caroline wouldn’t wear Christmas jammies, they were too hot…..she thinks she lives in California!

 IMGP8259 IMGP8260






Mark spent almost 2 hours putting together the police station……


After a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, it was off to church……what better place to spend Christmas Morning.



After church Mom, Dad and Janet came over for tacos and to watch the kids open the rest of their toys.





We all had a great weekend! It was so much fun to see the kids faces and be together as a family! Now for the clean up…….

Christmas Eve 2011


We spent Christmas Eve day at Mom’s. “The Boys” came from Cincinnati to spend Christmas with us. We all had a great time. We ate lots of yummy food and then opened presents and spent the day playing with (and putting together) toys.


 IMGP8213 IMGP8216









When we got home it was time to put out cookies and coke for Santa. Grayson thinks if Santa drinks coke it saves polar bears…..I guess from the commercial….so cookies and coke it was. Made Santa happy to get a coke on Christmas eve instead of milk. I think he needed the caffeine! Then it was time to say goodbye to Tee-dee the elf. In elf tradition he returned to the North Pole (aka the back of the closet) until next year.




Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2010 in Review

Ok, so I told you I was going to be going back in time :) I am using this blog as a virtual scrapbook for our family and since I totally lost the blogging bug for a while, I need to go back in time and post some older (well, really old :) events and pictures. I need to have it all in one place so that I can one day print myself one of those fancy blog books! SO I am going back to where I really left off in Jan of 2010….told you it was REALLY old stuff:) I am attempting to back date my posts so if you wanna see our adventures over the past year or so try going back to the months on the sidebar.

Tennessee Part 2

While we were in Tennessee we spent lots of time in the pool! The kids had so much fun getting to play with their cousins. Aunt Janet spent lots of time in the water with them :)


Aunt Lori got lots of snuggle time with Baby Boyd!

imgp7313 imgp7286 imgp7304 imgp7307 imgp7312

We visited Wonderworks in Seiverville, Tennessee one morning. It looks like an upside down house. There are  lots of hands on things for kids and adults. The kids had a lot of fun.

imgp7265 imgp7222 imgp7225 imgp7228


What a Cool dude ;)imgp7234 imgp7236


Grayson has a hard time standing still, see him dancing around in the lobby!imgp7238 imgp7240

Bryan, Cameron and Warren tried the Rock climbing wall.

imgp7256 imgp7257

Grayson BRIEFLY tried the rock wall.


We took a family picture with everyone but Heather’s husband Andy.


we had a great but tiring time :) Grant decided to sleep in Boyd’s Moses basket…..I think he is a little big :)



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tennessee Part 1

In June we went to Tennessee to celebrate my Dad (Step-dad) turning 60! My whole family was together and it was a blast! The kids were so happy to get to play together. We visited the Ripley’s aquarium in Gatlingurg. The kids loved it! Picture Alert……there are a bunch coming your way!


Playtime with Papaw!!

We took a trolley to the Aquarium and it was the Trolley ride that Never ended……well, it eventually did but I bet we were on it for an hour or more and had 2 stops…..we were not well informed about the length of the ride! The kids all did really well though for such a long ride.





We FINALLY arrived at the aquarium and the kids had a blast! They had a long walk through tunnel with fish and sharks all around you, it was really neat.




They also had little mini aquariums with a tunnel in the center so you could put your head up through and see from the inside.




The little boy who got out before our boys went in had a little gas issue and this is the reaction we got……


ok as I am posting I am cracking up at that picture!!!

I was able to get some pretty neat pictures of some of the fish in these little aquariums







Whew……If your still with me….that is A lot of pictures! We also visited the upside down children’s museum and did lots of swimming! More to come…….