Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Staging- Living Room

We have had our house on the market for 18 months now! It has been extremely frustrating not being able to sell, but we know the market is what it is. We just want to move closer to my parents and to Cincinnati. Anyway, after 2 realtors and no luck we decided to try a home stager and we were going to list for sale by owner. We have since decided to list with a new agent but have also done some sprucing up. I will split these posts up so there aren’t so many pictures in each post. I should have taken some before’s but didn’t…I know….silly me.

In the living room we added lamps (we just had recessed lighting and no lamps before). That alone made a big difference. We got these from Wal-Mart for like $25 a piece. We also added the iron thing over the couch. We took out a full sized sofa to make the room look bigger and re-arranged the furniture slightly. Removing the couch made a big difference. We also brought back in the coffee table. We had removed it when Caroline was learning to walk but we are hoping to be moved by the time Grant is walking…..we will see!



The curtains are fabric from Wal-mart that I used to make “mistreatments”. We added the plant in the corner and a few accessories on the mantle. The wingback chair was in that corner before and the mantle only had the clock.


We added a few accessories to that alcove above the TV as well.


We think it looks a lot better in the pictures online for the listing and in person,when we show it…..let’s hope it looks good enough to sell!!

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