Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bible School

THe kids have been going to VBS at the church Mark went to as a child. It is right up the road from us. Our neighbor goes there and asked if the kids could come. Our church has VBS but they can't go until they are 4 :( I was so glad they got to go this year at Terry's church. Last night when we went ot get them, we were looking at pictures and there were some of Mark when he was at VBS there as a child! So fun. I love that their first VBS is at the same place he went. They have been having so much fun playing games, doing crafts and hearing stories.

Here they are enjoying a puppet show.

Lining up to play a game.
Playing Duck, Duck, Goose....they didn't quite get the rules and kept running whenever anyone got called goose.

I will take more pictures this week and post them later.

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Cindy said...

VBS was always special to me as a child. What a great connection with your children and your husband's childhood!