Saturday, July 25, 2009

Edible Play- dough

I downloaded Windows Live Writer and am LOVING it so far! It is so much easier to post pictures and to post in general. Hopefully I can stay a little more up to date! Now on to more exciting things…..EDIBLE PLAY-DOUGH! A few weeks ago I decided to try the recipe that they had on Jon and Kate plus 8, for edible play-dough. It is equal parts of powdered milk, peanut butter and honey. I also added a little flour to make it not quite  so sticky. I used 1 cup of each ingredient and had enough for both kids. IMGP2310



The kids used their breakfast making play-dough tools. Grayson made mostly bacon but also some waffles. Caroline made lots of waffles. They loved eating it! Mark even liked it! It was pretty good!

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