Monday, February 16, 2009

Still Nesting....

Well, if you wondered what I meant when I said we had been doing stuff around the house....

Grayson moved into Caroline's room at the end of January to get ready for Baby Grant. That left us 2 rooms to re-do. First here is Grant's room. We left the paint the same and the bedding but moved a dresser for a changing table into the room. I organized his closet and had to go through all the baby things that were in the attic. Here it is...

Looks like we are ready for a new baby!! This made it very real!!

The cradle will be going in our room but we are keeping it in his room for now. Thanks Ma for the pretty bedding for the cradle. We got this cradle for $50 at Once Upon a Child. We love it!
Next, we had to get Caroline and Grayson's room done. Sorry no before's but it had flowers and her name. Really cute but too girly for Grayson! We painted and hit up IKEA for some new bedding. Here is the finished result!

With moving them into the same room, we had to put both of their things in the same closet. WHOA! Big Job, but I think we got it pretty organized. It seems to be working well so far.

We had to move more toys into the playroom because they no longer have their own rooms. WHOA again! Toy overload!! We got some more shelves and here is what it looks like now!

Lastly since I was organizing all the closet's I had to move on to the pantry. Again, sorry no before's I had good intentions but started tearing into it and forgot! Here it is all organized with room for baby stuff (bottles, binky's etc.).

Well, we had to show our house today and so the whole thing is clean and organized. It would be a great time to add a baby!! Hopefully soon, but not before Saturday...I am going to an all day crop and plan to finish Grayson's baby book.

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