Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Cleaning!!

Well, I guess the nesting is continuing! Yesterday was my last full day at home with only 2 kiddos! I took advantage and cleaned out the kitchen cabinets that were a MESS! You know the tupperware overflowing and kids sippy cups falling out when you open the doors. Of course i didn't think to take before pics of the sippy cup caninet but lets just say it wasn't pretty :) Here it is in all it's glory now:

The "tupperware" cabinet was a big mess. It was all just thrown in there. The top shelf houses often used spices etc. I actually reorganized it some more after this picture and made room for the crockpot on the top shelf where the corelle bowls are. I use the crockpot all the time but don't like it sitting on the counter. I had housed it above the fridge, but figured I should move it where it is easier to put away!

And After:

It is hard to tell in these pictures but everything is stacked by shape and I threw away a ton of lids with no bowls and bowls with no lids! Much easier to find things!!

If this baby doesn't come soon, who knows what I will organize next!

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