Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a good Christmas considering all that was going on! I am glad its over though. We were getting ready to leave to go to Delaware on the 19th and my Dad called and said he could go with us if we waited for him....he had lost his job! It was a HUGE shock to everyone. We regrouped and waited for him and all left for Delaware. The next day his Mom went into the hospital with a lot of confusion and other symptoms and they are still not sure what exactly is causing it. She is still very confused but physically getting better. It was a hard weekend but we managed to enjoy visiting with family and friends. We came home on the 23rd and drove through freezing rain for the last few hours of the trip. We were definitely glad to be home. Christmas Eve we went to church and then my Mom and Dad came over to spend the night.

We decorated cookies for Santa with our neighbors, Jack and Terry. The kids put their milk and cookies out (Grayson drank the milk twice and we had to refill!). They went to bed and Santa came!!

The kids had a great Christmas morning and were so excited to see what Santa brought. Caroline got a princess castle and baking set and a Barbie. Grayson got tractors and tools, and a monster truck set. They had lots of fun!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I just kept thinking that no matter how bad our circumstances seem, when you remember that Christmas is about God sending his son to be our saviour, it can never be a bad day. That is what gives us hope and peace even through the tough times! Merry Christmas and wishes for a BLESSED New Year!!!

Oh, and here's the aftermath of the Christmas festivities:)

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