Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Lights

We have had a BUSY week!! We are trying to get presents made, house cleaned, ready for our trip to Delaware and still slow down and enjoy Christmas. Friday night we decided to head out to Cliton Mill and see the lights. Mark and I have gone every year since we have been together. It was so cold Friday, but we bundled up and went. We had dinner at Young's Jersey Dairy restaurant (YUM, sweet potato bread). Then we headed to seee the lights. The whole mill is lit with thousands of lights. They also have a display of santa figures that is HUGE. They have a tiny building with real reindeer (well, stuffed) and a sleigh on top. Santa sits in the building and waves through the window. He comes up the chimney every once in a while and waves to the kids. Caroline (who is NOT a fan of santa up close) was soooo excited to see him up there. We looked in the window of the house later and santa was writing on his desk. Caroline said "Look, Mommy he's making a list". They had a lot of fun but Caroline said "I'm cold, can we go home?" after about 30 minutes. Here are some pictures from the just can't do Christmas lights like that justice!

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