Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kitchen Towel Cake

Mom is taking Caroline to a wedding this weekend in Florida. I am gonna miss my girl and am jealous of the one on one time they will share! I am sure they will both have lots of fun!! I needed to get a gift and have been seeing the most adorable diaper cakes and some towel cakes. I decided to try a kitchen towel cake. I had fun trying to make it work. I really needed some more dish rags but...they are leaving tomorrow so I had to use what I had. The "cake" ended up only being 1 layer.

I used dish soap in the center and rolled the dish rags and put a clear hair band around them (the super tiny ones).

Then I put a rubber band around the dish soap and put the rags around it.
I wrapped the dish soap and rags with a few kitchen towels, ending with a fluffy one on the outside. I just folded the dish towel in half lengthwise and it left a little space around the top to fill in with shredded paper at the end. I just used a straight pin in the back to hold it in place until I could put the ribbon around. The hardest part is getting the dish towels tight.

After I was done I stuck some shredded paper on the top to cover the dish rags and stuck in some wooden spoons and 2 chip clips. I used a red pot holder in the back to add some color and tied it with a ribbon. I used some measuring spoons on the front as well.

Terrible picture but here it is packaged up and ready to go. I made a card too but forgot to take a picture.

The best part about this gift.....I got EVERYTHING at the dollar tree! Shouldn't admit that probably but in this day and age everyone needs to save a little (or a lot)! I think it turned out pretty cute for $15. I hope they like it.


michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're family and kiddos are adorable!

Michelle Sybert said...

wow! so cute! This is a fantastic idea!

thanks for stopping by Her Cup Overfloweth and for the nice comments on the cereal box tote!