Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day and Blurry Backgrounds

Mark's Dad came into town for Memorial Day Weekend and we went to the Indy 500 (See below). We had a great time at the race. On Memorial Day we went to eat at Young's Jersey Dairy farm. We fed the goats and saw the cows.

Apparently Grayson tried to climb in the duck pen as evidenced by this photo taken while I was feeding Grant. Momma wouldn't have let him climb up there, Dad just takes pictures ;)

They were having a little carnival there and had some little kiddie rides. The kids went on a few and had a blast.
And now the blurry background part of the post..... I got a new camera for my birthday and have been wanting to take some pictures with "blurry backgrounds" like Mckmama. I followed her tips and I think I got some good shots.
Love this picture!

We had a great weekend and enjoyed Papaw Dennis' visit!

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