Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anatomy of a fit

Grayson "I want the horse"
Mommy "No, it is a reward if you behave all day"
Grayson (Screaming now)" Open it"

Mommy "No, Grayson"
Grayson Screaming "Daddy, open horse"
Daddy "No, Grayson you have to earn it"

Grayson "I want it. PLEEEEEASE"
Mommy"No, Grayson"

An hour later....Finally, bedtime.Time to pick out rewards for positive behavior. I don't really think this reward thing is working since he still got the horse despite the above tantrum. He did have to wait until bedtime though.....It's just so hard to say no to this little darling. Oh, Grayson.....The king of fits!! We love you though. You are so darn cute even when your screaming and crying!!

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