Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sleepless night

Well, we got home yesterday about noon. Grant slept and ate off and on all day. He was so good! We fed him and went to bed about 11:30. Well, we were up ALL night!! He cried and cried and ate and ate. He would fall asleep and we would lay down and then he would wake up screaming! His circ had to have been hurting him when he had to pee-pee :( It was pitiful he would just scream. I hope it heals soon, it looks awful from where they had so much trouble getting it to stop bleeding. About 6:30am he ate again and finally passed out. Thankfully Mom was here and held him while I got like 2 hours of sleep. Hopefully tonight goes better. He is lucky he is so cute because I think that is the worst night I have ever had with one of these three. Anyway, here are some pics of last night and today.....Enjoy!

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