Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Grant is here...repeat

****Not sure if this will post out of order. I was trying to fix the pictures on this post and almost deleted. I want it on here for our family's record keeping and didn't want to delete it. So here it is again even though it's probably out of order now....oh, well.****

Grant Harrison Wells was born on March 2, 2009, at 1303 hrs. Jennifer had problems with the epidural all morning long. The induction began at 0600 hrs. Jennifer fell asleep at 5cm and woke up with the pains from the contractions. She received more pain meds and when the nurse checked her less than two hours later, we were shocked to find out that Jen was ready to have Grant NOW!!!!!!! The nurse began having Jen push and also called for Jen's OBGYN. They had to call for any doctors (OB)available in the hospital and no one was able to make it before the nurse delivered Grant. Grants heart rate dropped down into the 60's, so the nurse had to deliver him. Grant was not tolerating the contractions very well. Grant was fine when he was born and immediately began crying. He never stopped crying for about 3 hours. Jen and baby Grant are doing very well. Jen is holding Grant right now and he is adjusting well. Jen is nursing and he is doing well with that too. Once we were settled into the new room, Caroline and Grayson were able to touch and help hold baby Grant. They loved him and wanted to take him home tonight. We told them that he can come home in a couple of days. The following pictures are from today and we are sorry that they are in reverse order. Hope you all enjoy the pictures and we will keep you updated


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