Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I think the blog is fixed :)

I have been having trouble viewing the blog myself and several others have reported the same thing. I think I fixed it...we will see. At any rate, we are all doing well. Still in the hospital but should be going home in the AM. Grant is doing well. Eating really well, slept a lot today. He got his circumcision and he had a lot of bleeding :( They had to put some special gauze stuff on him and it looks a mess. I feel so bad for him! Mom, Dad and Caroline and Grayson came to visit this afternoon. The kids LOVE him! Mom said Caroline made up stories about Baby Grant and told them until she fell asleep last night. Grayson keeps saying "my brother" if you say anything about Baby Grant to him. We will have a hard time keeping them away from him! Here are some pictures from today.....ENJOY!

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