Friday, January 23, 2009


Monday was Caroline's 3rd birthday! We went to Entertrainmet in West Chester. The kids loved the train display and the play area. They had a lot of fun. We went to eat at IHOP afterwards. Caroline said she wanted to eat yogurt so that is where we went.

Tuesday was Mark's Birthday. I decided to surprise him and take him a cake at work. I was going to order a cookie bouquet but it was crazy expensive. Well the kids and I got all the way to the Wal-mart near Mark's work and I realized I forgot my wallet. Problem since I was almost an hour from home. I called Mark and told him my plan and had to go to his work and get his debit card. We then followed the GPS to a closer Wal-Mart but lo and behold it wasn't a Super center. I didn't even know they had regular Wal-Mart's anymore. There was a gamestop next door and Mark wanted a Wii game for his BDay. I went in and asked for the game and guess's Discontinued!! Can the day get worse....OH YES! We drove around for about 30 min more to find a super center and got what we needed. We get to the checkout and they ask for ID when I go to use Mark's debit card. They NEVER ask for ID. Well, we couldn't buy anything in the cart. I lost it in the car. I finally got my self together and got the kids some lunch at McDonald's. We were near a Meijer so we went in there and the kids ate in the cart while I got everything we needed ( I also needed some groceries for his BDay dinner that night). We got him a cake and balloons and finally made it back to his office. The kids and I were so worn out that we didn't even go in. He came to the car window and got his cake and took it back in his office. We tried to make his day special!! Ever have one of THOSE days, where EVERYTHING goes wrong?? Grayson's Bday was yesterday....Pics to come later! Their party is Saturday and then the CRAZY Bday week is OVER!!!

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