Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cake Transfer Tutorial

So, what do you do when your kids want a cake with the SuperFriends from the 1970’s?? Well, we made our own. We have actually used this same technique to make several Bday cakes!

You start off with a cake frosted with buttercream icing. Try to get it as smooth as possible. I am NOT an expert at that part!! There are lots of tutorials on you tube that explain it much better!

Find a drawing of your subject that doesn’t have too much detail (unless you REALLY like making stars with icing).


Trace the outline onto Parchment Paper with a sharpie


Next tint some piping gel with black gel food color



Next use a piping bag with a #1 tip and trace the outline of your picture on the parchment.

Then flip the parchment over carefully onto the cake where you want your design. This is tricky and it helps if you have someone help you to hold two of the corners while you hold two. Then GENTLY press along the deign to ensure the gel transfers onto the cake.


Wow the Wonder Twins morphed into Batman :) Just how it goes when it is late and you are trying to finish a cake AND a tutorial.

You are left with this……


Then mix the colors you will need for your designs. I HATE this part :) Just use white buttercream and gel foodcolors. Place each color in a piping bag ( I use Wilton disposable bags) with a coupler so you can change tips if you need to. Be sure to make a small amount of black for outlining. Using a #2 pointy tip begin outlining over your piping gel. Then using a number 3 or 4 star tip depending on how big you want your stars, just fill in the design like you were coloring in a coloring book.


Probably a good idea NOT to have soft scrub and resolve on the counter while you do it……just keeping it real.


Complete all your details, writing and a border and you have a cool cake your kids will love!

IMGP4738 IMGP4734 IMGP4735

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