Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vacation Pictures at Last

Hello again Blogworld! I have been MIA lately! We went on vacation to Delaware the last week in August and have been busy since we got back. I am finally getting around to sorting through the tons of pictures! Warning: Picture overload ahead! I am sharing the highlights of our trip over the next few days! We had so much fun and did a LOT!

The first day we were there we went to see my Dad’s horse “Ace”. Ace is a very expensive fellow! He had colic back in the fall and was treated at the hospital they took Barbaro to. He is all better now after a long recovery but boy did he rack up a bill!! Anyway, the kids loved riding him and got in the cowboy mode for our next adventure…..



…Frontiertown in Ocean City , MD. The kids call it the “cowboy show”. They had a shootout….IMGP2995



Our Little Cowboy and Cowgirl got in on the action from the sidelines!


We rode a little steam engine train and got robbed! See the bad guy coming towards us…


“Stick em up”



Don’t worry “Trooper” Grayson will get him!


Someone doesn’t seem very afraid!

IMGP3034  Next we went on a Stage coach ride


and it was not our day because we were robbed again!! Grayson was ready to protect us with his rifle again!


We then made our way to the indian village to see some dancing. Our little cowboy and girl turned into an indian boy and girl with face paint and feathers in their hair.


IMGP3102 IMGP3080 IMGP3111

A FULL day of fun. The kids were knocked out on the way home!

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