Monday, September 21, 2009

100th Post!

I can’t believe this is my 100th post already! I have been thinking about something special I could post. Well, we went to Homerama tonight in Cincinnati. I thought I would take you all on a virtual tour of the city’s finest homes for my 100th post. So here we go….(if you aren’t interested just ignore the next few posts). There were only 5 houses this year. Mark and I said you know the economy is bad when there are only 5 houses, all of which were less than 1 million dollars. A few years ago there were like 10-12 houses all of which were over a million dollars! Anyway, I will post each house for the next 5 posts. I looked around fro signs about taking or posting pictures and didn’t see any so I hope I am not breaking any laws :)

Nottoway by Fischer Homes

5,819 Sq.feet     It could be yours for $799,900!!


My favorite part of the Homerama houses is almost always the nurseries and children’s rooms.






I loved the autumn decorations!


Can’t wait until we move so I can try this idea. I would love to replicate this frame with a large frame without the glass and inside little individual frames.


This was the basement decorated with a game theme. I loved these pillows spelling out game night!


Love the two colors of cabinets in this kitchen.


A great laundry room is a must!


I wish I would have taken more pictures! I always feel like I am holding up the line if I take too many. Anyway, stay tunes tomorrow for house #2!

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