Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Caroline's first Day of school

Caroline had a BIG milestone last month! She started school on August 29,2011. We are doing a homeschool curriculum that is technically an online "public" school. It is called the Ohio Virtual Academy. They use K12 curriculum. We are liking it so far. She is very glad to not have to leave home everyday and we love having her here. Her brothers wouldn't know what to do without her! I am making it work so far with all the other little ones at home. We will see what the future holds as far as homeschooling in the future but for this year it's working for us. Caroline is such a sweet girl. She is pretty quiet and shy around others but will talk your ear off at home. She LOVES Barbies. She likes to set up her little Disney princesses, her littlest pet shops and her Little People princesses. She likes to draw and color is so anxious to read and write. She loves church and is in Sparks in AWANA this year. I love my girl to the moon and back and can't believe she is already in kindergarten. Here is my princess on the first day of school......
To celebrate her big day we all went out for dinner at IHOP

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Holly said...

Hi! I found your blog from a comment you left on another! Your family is adorable!