Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Big Move

I haven't blogged in FOREVER. I have good intentions of keeping up with it, yet I don't. I need to be better about taking pictures. So, we moved in to our new house. 2 weeks ago. Things are slowly coming together. We have less boxes but there is still stuff everywhere. I have been promising pictures but have yet to post them. I keep thinking I want to wait unti lit is more cleaned up, together etc. Well, who knows when that will happen!! So here it is in it's natural state!

Here is the kitchen. I feel like it is always a mess! The kids like eating at their little table. It is sort of in the way but it works for us for now. The day we moved in the fridge stopped working and so Mark had to go to Lowe's @ 8 at night to get a new one. It was an unexpected expense and headache (there was no water line as the old had no ice maker since it was OLD) but I am glad to have crushed ice an filtered water!! I already can't wait to replace the counters and hopefully cabinets sometime in the relatively near future (next 2 years maybe??).

This is the kids' FAVORITE place to play! I can't keep them off the stairs. I am waiting on Mark to install the gates, it is on his LONG To Do list! This is also the "dining room. I doubt we will eat in here very often though kids, food and carpet don't mix well!
This is looking from the kitchen doorway into the Dining room. The first doorway on the right is the main bathroom, the second door is the living room and the one straight ahead is the playroom.
This is looking from the playroom door....Stuff, stuff and more stuff!
This is the master bedroom but we decided to use it as the playroom, it has the most room and I knew it would be too hard to be running upstairs to break up every fight!
This is the front door and the living room.
Here is our very messy living room!
There are 3 bedrooms upstairs but the kids are asleep....well supposed to be anyway. I will have to post those another day. Mark and his brother have been working hard to put up a fence outside the past few days. We also had something dead in the dryer vent. They had to clean that out last night cause the dryer and clothes smelled AWFUL!! There is still a lot of work to be done on the house. Our purpose for moving here was to save $$ and pay off debt. We are going to have to be patient if that is going to happen because we could easily spend more than we realized getting everything like we want it. Oh, well maybe God's plan is for us to continue to learn to be content with what we have and to be PATIENT!!

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