Friday, April 3, 2009

Corndog Anyone?

After our excursion to the Boonshoft Museum we went to Sonic. Caroline and Grayson are picky fast food eaters. Caroline will only eat salad, yogurt, grilled cheese and hot dogs. Grayson will sometimes eat Cheesburgers or chicken nuggets but it just depends. This limits our choices at a Drive Thru. We decided to go through Sonic and try Corn Dogs. This is the looks on their faces.

They both ate them though. Grayson wanted us to eat his "bread" and then just ate the Hot Dog but he liked eating it on a stick. Maybe next time I can ask for just a Hot Dog on a stick. HMM...

Here is Baby Grant and his reaction to sitting in the carseat while we ate....

Don't worry...I fed him after I finished eating my Corndog, so I guess it was his first Corndog too....sort of :)

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