Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Do's

Caroline has been terrible about letting us fix her hair. She has GOBS of hair bows and headbands but usually won't wear them. I decided to get her hair cut so it didn't look so shaggy all the time. Well the last few weeks she has been letting us fix her hair so then I was second guessing the decision. Last week we just went ahead and did it! I took her to the "big girl" salon to get her haircut this time. We usually go to a place just for kids. She did so good, even letting them shampoo her hair! She had a lot of fun with just Mommy that day! We went to Wal-mart after we were done. I think her hair looks so cute. She isn't a baby anymore....she is getting too big, too fast!!

Grayson also got to go to the "big boy" barber with Daddy a few weeks ago. He wasn't as thrilled as Caroline (as evidenced by the look on his face :)

My babies are growing up!

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